What Is Chlorine Free Pool Shock

October 23, 2021



In the swim's chlorine free pool shock works well with bromine, & burns off dead chlorine cells to increase the amount of free chlorine in your pool water. By eliminating organic contaminants it allows chlorine to work more effectively.

In The Swim ChlorineFree Pool Swimming Pool Shock 24 x

Granular pool shock is the best treatment for pool algae, as i like to say ‘chlorine is the.


What is chlorine free pool shock. The sister halogen to chlorine, bromine, is primarily found in sea water in the form of sodium bromide and potassium bromide. The composition of this oxidizing pool shock is compatible with virtually any type of sanitized pool. While chlorine uses oxidation to clean the water, bromine uses ionization.

The biggest problem with using non chlorine shock, besides the fact it lowers ph and 'eats up' ta much like trichlor (and adds sulfates to the water) is that it will test as combined chlorine unless special reagents are used so it does. Adding shock to your pool will oxidize and destroy organic material, giving a boost to your free chlorine. Effectively shock your pool without the use of harsh chlorine!

The idea behind shocking your pool is to quickly elevate the level of free chlorine in the pool, effectively killing all germs and contaminants. Pool shock treatment or oxidising procedures are recommended either weekly or fortnightly with a maximum. The first way is by adding more chlorine to the pool.

This process is confusing as many people mistakenly think adding. If the level is not in this range, adjust accordingly. 4.7 out of 5 stars.

A chlorine shock treatment is appropriate when you have a problem that requires a pesticide, like when you’ve got algae, maybe when there’s an accidental fecal release, or if you just have no chlorine in the water and you want to raise the chlorine. Each bag conveniently treats 10,000 gallons of pool water. Pool chlorine shock is a high concentration of chlorine in a single dose.

And you can swim as soon as fifteen minutes after use. You still need to have a basic level of free chlorine in the pool between 1 and 3ppm. The second is by reacting to the stored, combined chlorine already in the pool’s water, releasing it.

Non chlorine shock works by oxidizing organics before they can combine with the chlorine and form chloramines. Shock increases the free chlorine level. It will also oxidize the combined chlorine and allow it to gas off, reducing the total chlorine in your pool and making it more pleasant to swim in.

Provides your pool with more fighting power to kill off contaminants & keep pool water safe & clean. If you want to rid your swimming pool of chlorine, you have several alternatives to choose from. Safe for all pool surfaces, enhances all normal shock, and can begin enjoying pool 15 minutes after use.

There are two ways that shock increases the free chlorine levels within a pool.

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