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November 19, 2021



Episodes are released weekly so be sure to tune in to listen. Starting a podcast doesn’t have to be like jumping on a treadmill, where you have to get a new episode out every week/fortnight/month.

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From julius ceaser, to napoleon, to the story of easy company.


Starting a history podcast reddit. Xerxes depicted in guillaume rouillé’s promptuarium iconum insigniorum, 1553. The answer that i’ve come up with really isn’t all that specific to podcasting, i think it applies to virtually every creative endeavor, but hopefully it will be helpful. When you start a seasonal podcast, each season will usually have a theme.

4 harsh truths of starting your own podcast. An alternative to podcast financing. As a rule, the history guy's content seems to be a bit more tightly coupled to the photographs, whereas drach's are mostly topical, but not tightly sync'ed to the audio).

Keeping something going can be much harder, as in the case of a. While food history might sound like a bore, wilbur picks amazingly cool topics that. In fact, we expect that most of you are putting a podcast together for the first.

Play in new window | download people often write to me asking for advice on starting podcast and i’ve thought about it a great deal over the years. Xerxes’ household was like a microcosm of early achaemenid history. Starting a podcast has been one of the best decisions i've ever made, but more on that later.

Relearn history as we discuss some of histories most notable idiots. The story of the denkyira's rise to power begins with the arrival of the portuguese on the shores of ghana in the 15th century. Since starting the podcast, i’ve looked at the aspects of the war from the point of view of various countries.

November 15, 2018 12:06 am et. Imho, a podcast is much easier, unless you have a lot of video to show, or have time to create. An oral history of the office will be available exclusively on spotify starting tuesday, july 14.

History uncensored podcast is a podcast guiding the listener through history starting from the very beginning of each topic. Mic listen to the podcast:. It was the shot that she said was the bottom of the mine, but in reality, it's erin's body.

Southridge struck first in the 13th minute with a goal from the top of the box. “starting something is the hardest part.”. 3:25 pm mst on feb 18, 2020.

You can see her arm, her legs, her torso, part of her skull. The orange thing that looks like a rock is her shirt. We don't expect you to be experts.

I hope you enjoyed the latest episode of the history of africa podcast, this episode focusing on the rise of the denkyira empire, the state which dominated southern ghana throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. You won’t find a dry recounting of dates and battles here, but instead you’ll learn about who […] The bhp is a chronological retelling of the history of britain with a particular focus upon the lives of the people.

As the reign of another king draw’s toward a close, it’s time to look at the royal family. The square thing is what she called a propane tank, and she said it was tied to the body. You can take a leaf out of television’s book and podcast in seasons.

Then i thought the better of it, because that’s not strictly true. Also look out for women of science and industry! History is our story, and it belongs to all of us.

As a bearded white man approaching my thirties, i recently reached the point in my biological lifecycle where i started a podcast. The senator is interested in starting to investigate the. I was tempted to kick this story off with a platitude along the lines of:

Each tale is told in a series format, starting first with the legend that is julius ceaser. In this podcast series we tell the stories of the greatest tales throughout history.

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