Refrigerator Compressor Start Relay Test

October 23, 2021



The shake and rattle test unplug the start relay from the compressor and give it a shake. It plays an important role in the cooling process.

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Disconnect the refrigerator as you are going to work in the rear part, for your protection, the appliance should not be energized.


Refrigerator compressor start relay test. Carefully disconnect the wires with a pair of pliers, and then remove the relay by pulling it off of the prongs on the compressor. To test the ptc relay in your refrigerator, unplug the fridge and remove the lower back panel so you can access the relay, which will look like a small black box with 2 or 3 wires running into it. The overload relay is a protection device used in the compressor circuit on your refrigerator.

And if there is an overload, pull that out, too. Remove the cover on the compressor relay box. One of the symptoms that the relay is damaged is when the refrigerator heats up and certain clicks can be heard.

The compressor turns on and off periodically for an effective cooling process, and for this very reason, a relay is used to assist the compressor while functioning. Here's the difference between a good and bad start relay on the inside. If you ask us about the heart of the refrigerator, we would undoubtedly tell “compressor” as an answer.

How to test the start relay: Before replacing it by a new start relay, do the test to discover if it really is the part which has a problem. If you can hear rattling on the inside of the start relay, then the part is bad and will have to be replaced.

It tells the compressor when to turn on/off, depending on the need for cool air inside the refrigerator unit. If the start relay malfunctions, the fridge will get heated up and other parts of the refrigerator may malfunction. Start by unplugging your fridge.

The price of the new refrigerator compressor depends on many factors, such as the model of your refrigerator, the area where you live, and your country. It must have a functioning refrigerator start relay to function. Because a faulty start relay cuts off the power supply to the device.

A compressor is the most important part of the fridge. When you do this, you will see 3 pins or terminals on which the relay rests or is plugged. To find the start relay, locate it by looking in the same compartment where the compressor is located (this is usually plugged somewhere in the back of the main compartment of the fridge).

To test the compressor of a maytag refrigerator, pull out the start relay from its side. The compressor and the start relay have a unique job of keeping the appliance cool and saving energy. The compressor is an important component of the refrigeration system.

It is an efficient combination. Learn to test the start relay of the compressor: The most obvious sign that your start relay isn't working is the lack of cooling caused when the compressor never starts up.

In this case, when you're testing a refrigerator start relay, you want to turn off the power both to prevent electrical shock and because the compressor could start at any time during the testing process, altering your results. To determine if it's bad, you can do a process of elimination. A refrigerator start relay is an electronic switch that ignites the compressor, a device producing the cold air running through your fridge to keep all your foods cool.

It increases the compressor by governing when it must turn on or off based on the refrigerator’s need for cool oil. Once you unplug the start relay, give it a little shake. You can test the overload, you can do a visual check, and you can test power going to the compressor.

If this sound never happens and the temperature inside the fresh food compartment and the freezer begins to. You can usually hear the intermittent humming of the compressor throughout the day. The cover is usually held in place by retaining clips or tension clips.

Perhaps the most effective way to test the start relay is by performing a physical test. 9 hours ago more results. Bypass start relay on the refrigerator.

To do this you need to find the compressor first. The refrigerator’s start relay can be damaged, which could cause the compressor to stop working and cause the interior to freeze. The shake and rattle test.

Remove this component from the refrigerator. If your refrigerator’s compressor is not running, the first and foremost duty is to check your unit’s start relay. First of all, locate the start relay.

A start relay is an electrical switch that helps boost the compressor inside the refrigerator. Power is applied to the compressor motor windings through the overload device, and the relay is used to add the start winding in the circuit until the compressor is at running speed. A final way to determine if your start relay isn’t working is to perform a shake and rattle test.

This is a safety recommendation which must be followed when you are working with parts or equipment driven by electricity. If it’s not rattling and appears to be in good condition, you may have a problem with the actual compressor. Now, in case the relay fails or burns out, the compressor may fail to kick in, ….

The good one has a round circular disc that's in one piece, the bad one is shattered. How to test the start relay of the refrigerator compressor. The compressor relay is the largest component and will either be wirewound or solid state.

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