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November 16, 2021



Pull cords work hard and do give their fair share of problems. Remove the starter cup from the top of the flywheel.

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If your mower is hard to start or runs rough, this secret is for you.


Pull start lawn mower hard to pull. I have a craftman briggs and stratton lawn mower self propelled (i have only used it for a few seasons) i am having trouble pulling the cord. I thought it might be the piston that got corroded on the cylinder. All the linkage is good.

My mower ran a little rough and it took a couple hard pulls to get it going. After reading other posts here, i tested with the spark plug removed and it turned over freely so i put the spark plug back in and it fired up right away, i ran it for maybe 15 minutes, there was some initial white smoke from it but nothing else. Do not run a mower without its blade.

Being able to start your lawn mower in one pull requires you to maintain your lawn mower properly. What makes a lawn mower pull hard? When the pull cord of your lawnmower gets stuck, it’s really become a frustrating situation.

Pk jones (author) on august 31, 2011: I have a kohler xt650 149cc easy pull engine that is hard to pull and engine wont start. The crankshaft is connected to the blade shaft on your recoil start walk behind lawn mower, so if the pull cord is stuck, it could be because something is blocking the movement of the blade.

But the engine is hard to pull, the motor turns and there is no scrubbing or scrapping noise coming from the engine. A tangled coil of rope or a broken spring may be the problem. Hi, i have a push lawn mower with a pull start engine, tried to use it after being stored for a month and it was hard to use the pull start.

A very familiar sign the lawnmowers show that is interlinked with the valve adjustment is the starter cord. Couldn't pull starter rope to the rope guide. It has good oil level, coil has spark, new plug, carb cleaned.

Often they start before you have got halfway through pulling the cord. You know when you pull the cord, it rotates a hub that connects the crankshaft and spins the blades. The starter cord becomes hard to pull while starting the engine.

I went to start it this year and the cord was extremely hard to pull. April 21, 2010 at 12:01 am chad upton 5 comments. This is one of the most common and major lawn mower valve adjustment symptoms.

To start your lawn mower in one pull, stand behind the mower and pull the chord straight towards you as hard as you can. In turn, this spins the blades of the lawnmower, and the crankshaft as well. If it doesn’t, then it is having a problem and that problem.

I've added the oil, added gas. Beyond the extra effort required by the heavy impeller, the causes of hard rope pull on vacuums and chipper shredders are similar to causes of hard rope pull on other equipment. Recently i faced this problem and fixed this at home.

Lets just take a minute to understand the basic components involved. The main components of your lawn mower pull start system include: If you can’t pull your mower’s cord hard enough.

I replaced the head gasket on my craftsman lawn tractor, and afterwards it was hard to start with the symptoms you described. Remove the upper cover of the engine. Sometimes, a lawnmower will become impossible to start after you’ve used it for many years.

A normal push lawn mower should start in 2 pulls. Start your lawn mower in one pull. And due to a stuck pull cord, it doesn’t allow the lawnmower to start.

Hardest part was finding a feeler gauge. I get a lot of these secrets from my dad and he gave me this one last spring. The mower cord is connected to a hub, and this hub spins when you pull the cord.

Finally, tonight, after pulling, pulling, pulling, got it that far. Brand new mower out of the box last night. It sure can be frustrating when you have to pull your lawn mower pull cord more than 2 times to get your mower to start.

Did the procedure, and it works like a champ. Having an understanding of how a pull start works will help when repairing. (went to walmart and ace before going to an auto parts store).

Use a long slow pull on the starter rope to start a chipper shredder or lawn vacuum. Chipper shredders have flails that make clunking noises at low speed. Why won’t the pull cord on my lawn mower?

Your mower also needs to have clean oil and a clean air filter too. This type of kick back is usually caused from the engine timing being is usually a sign of a bent or sheared key between the flywheel and the crankshaft. Push mower takes a lot of pulls to start.

Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Remove the nut on top of the flywheel and check the alignment of. How does a pull cord operate?

If a lawnmower blade is loose or missing, the rope will pull part way, then become very difficult. Disconnect the spark plug for safety, then take a look under the deck. Check out the mower’s parts.

The pull string on my push mower is locked up. Ensure your mower has gas in it. This quite often occurs because a part of the.

When a push lawnmower's pull string, or starter rope, locks up, it could mean the engine has a problem, but that usually isn't the case when oil is. Most lawnmower engines count on the flyweight of the blade to carry the engine through its compression stroke. The following are a few things you can do to easily start your mower if you can’t get your cord to pull hard enough:

What if the starter rope won’t pull? I never had a problem starting it. You pull and pull and nothing until finally it fires back to life.

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