Accelerator Free Nitrile Gloves Meaning

October 29, 2021



Ambidextrous, finger textured, beaded cuff. Moderate chemical and puncture resistance is associated with latex gloves meaning their principle market is the medical industry.

derma pro powderfree black nitrile disposable gloves 10

Accelerator free nitrile gloves are a great option for all medical professionals, and some of the best accelerator free nitrile gloves can be found here.


Accelerator free nitrile gloves meaning. Free shipping on qualifying orders with in canada. Nitrile has the lowest allergy rate of any glove material on the market, and accelerator free nitrile gloves are now available, which makes nitrile gloves the most comfortable glove especially for everyday users. Despite the great benefits that come from nitrile gloves including:

The low derma ® patented system allows complete absence of sulfur; Store in cool and dry place. Gloves are carefully laundered, dried, tested and packaged to ensure a particle count that is compatible with the cleanroom environment where they will be used.

Improved elasticity and force at break ability. “low dermatitis potential” claim, as supported by clinical testing. Unfortunately, chemical accelerators are also some of the most common causes of allergic reactions.

Particularly indicated for persons allergic to natural latex; Chlorinated inner surface for ease of donning. We get get many questions about accelerator free gloves and rightfully so.

Incredibly durable, with wear times in line with normal examination gloves. A “controlled environment” or clean class 1000 glove is suitable for iso 6 and up. Superior barrier protection and puncture resistance.

Nitrile (synthetic latex) “accelerator free” meaning free of accelerator chemical substances. As you likely know, latex gloves cause many people to experience allergic reactions, which has turned many people towards using nitrile gloves instead, because nitrile doesn’t pose the same threat of allergies. Low derma ™ technology allows nitrile gloves to make a big step forward in terms of protection without affecting the gloves core features.

Unique crosslinking ability safeguards the core performance of the glove. Protects from latex type i allergy and minimizes chemical type iv allergy. Accelerator free thin nitrile glove.

Accelerators are the chemicals used in the glove manufacturing process to help make gloves more durable and elastic. So a glove listed as clean class 10 or iso 4 is compatible with a class 4 cleanroom and up. Alleviating allergies, and increased chemical and puncture resistance, the main drawback is that nitrile.

Sempersure® by sempermed nitrile examination gloves are designed for those with skin sensitivities to regular nitrile gloves. Please find the results below:

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